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Prandium 1st ‘First Tithe’

The First Tithe of the struggling post-cataclysmic world of Prandium has seen the establishment of a small, specialized regiment of Imperial Guard. The guerrilla troopers of the Prandium 1st have focused training in stealth and marksmanship. The young, hastily trained officer corps is inexperienced, leading to poor strategic decision making, abysmal logistical planning, and catastrophic tactical capacity.

World: Post-Cataclysmic (Prandium)

3 Points

A post-cataclysmic world in Segmentum Ultima, Prandium has been destroyed twice in its Imperial history. First by extensive Astartes war games during the establishment of the space marine military doctrine the ‘Codex Astartes’ and then later by the sweeping tide of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Behemoth. Stripped of life and breathable atmosphere, the world was declared dead. For two generations the descendants of the evacuated pre-invasion populace have slowly returned and worked to restore the planet with the aid of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The world’s population is now large enough to invoke the Imperial Tithe. The people of Prandium face a ravaged environment and the hidden dangers of dormant Tyranid spores and creatures.

Attribute Bonuses: +3 Ballistic Skill, +3 Perception
Starting Skills: Awareness, Linguistic (Low Gothic), Survival
Resourceful Troopers
Horrors of the Past: Resistance (Fear), 1d5 Insanity Points

Commanding Officer: Fixed

1 Point

Colonel Del Torian is nothing if not determined to prove out his competence as commanding officer of the Prandium 1st. He perceives the honor of the regiment and the success of the First Tithe as his sole responsibility. Unfortunately, the Colonel is sorely lacking in the experience and depth of character necessary to conduct a successful command. Torian is bull-headed, often unwilling to change his view of the combat situation even in the face of overwhelming evidence of his own errors. Nonetheless, his self-sure and direct style has won the loyalty of much of the rank and file who erroneously believe Del Torian to be both certain and competent.

Starting Skills: Command

Regiment Type: Guerrila

4 Points

Prandium’s once verdant agricultural fields are now desolate and wind-swept. Hiding among the broken rocks and empty river and lake beds are dormant Tyranid spores and mutant beasts. No natural flora or fauna remains. The terraforming colonists who have returned to the planet face constant threats from these exotic beasts. The colonists best suited to become Imperial Guardsmen are possessed of a high degree of survivalist, stealth, and marksmanship skills from their life experience on the homeworld. These troopers are well suited for dangerous operations deep behind enemy lines with little logistical support. As such, the Prandium 1st have been classified by the Adeptus Munitorum as Guerrilas.

Attribute Bonuses: +3 Perception, -3 Fellowship
Starting Skills: Stealth, Ambush

Specialist Training: Infiltrators, Sharpshooters

8 Points

All troopers in the First Tithe have received specialist training as infiltrators and sharpshooters. This training complements their role as Guerrilas ensuring a high degree of mission effectiveness in low-logistics, deep insertion situations.

Starting Skills: Stealth, Blind Fighting, Deadeye Shot, Ballistic Skill

Drawback: Incompetent Leadership

+5 Points

Such is the lack of experience and disorder among regimental command and control that catastrophic failures of logistics and planning are commonplace within the Prandium 1st. So far this gross mismanagement has largely manifested as disorganized mustering, confusion around hierarchy, and failure to depart Prandium in a timely fashion. Imperial High Command, occupied with conducting war efforts on multiple fronts in the nearby region, is unaware of the depths of organizational chaos. As the regiment moves towards its first deployment, the problem is only likely to worsen at the cost of human lives.

Distrust of Authority: Command checks more difficult.
Organizational Chaos: GM’s discretion to send troopers into horribly dangerous situations.

Standard Kit

  • 1 Long-Las Rifle
  • 1 Lascarbine
  • 4 Las Clips
  • 2 Frag Grenades
  • 2 Blind Grenades
  • 2 Stun Grenades
  • 1 Micro-Bead
  • 1 Targeter
  • 1 Chrono
  • 1 Uplifting Primer
  • 1 Extra Week’s Rations

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